Education @ Northwest Laser Institute

If you haven’t heard by now, Northwest Laser Institute is a Secondary school for the state of Idaho and offers a variety of medical trainings and programs in the Treasure Valley.

We are the PERFECT place to come if you are looking to start a new career without having to get a degree.

According to Idaho State Law, anyone is eligible to attend any of our medical aesthetics training programs (laser, injections, micro needling, etc.) and go perform those services under a physician. No esthetics license or prerequisites needed outside of a high school diploma or GED!

Completing our training and certifications opens you up to work in a medical assisting position under a licensed physician (in the field of medical aesthetics) and allows you to hold the title of MA or Medical Assistant. This differs from those that have completed a Medical Assisting Program and have tested nationally for the RMA Registered Medical Assistant) or NCMA (Nationally Certified Medical Assistant).

If you have previously completed an Esthetics or Cosmetology program, this is a very popular route to further your skill set and offer a larger variety of services to your existing clientele- or to simply help you change your atmosphere and move into a more medical role. Often times, Estheticians and Cosmetologists find themselves getting burnt out or almost hitting a wall when it comes to options for career growth. Looking into offered medical aesthetics training at Northwest Laser Institute can open a number of doors including connections for new technologies and devices to add to your collection of esthetic tools.

If you are just looking to start a new career and have little to no experience in the medical aesthetics field don’t worry, these courses are just right for beginners! You won’t feel at all behind in the curriculum because we teach anatomy and biology of the systems we are working with. All classes offered contain information that is brand new to even those that have been in the industry for years. As you know by now, the world is constantly changing and advancing! Time to roll with the punches and get up-to-date training on the most exciting and most advanced services and technologies on today’s market.

Aside from the medical aesthetics training and certifications, we offer a full 720 hour Medical Assisting program complete with externship and a 14 week Phlebotomy program.

The Medical Assisting program is comparable to those taught across the nation and meets national requirements for RMA and NCMA testing upon completion. The 14 week Phlebotomy program is once a week and sets students up to work in any hospital or clinical setting. Upon meeting your stick requirement for national testing, you can go on to become nationally certified- this certification is NOT a requirement to work at a hospital in the state of Idaho and will not guarantee you any greater chances of being hired when compared to someone that has completed the program but did not get the national certification.

So, bottom line: come and see us and we can help you jump into an exciting new career or maybe help you advance further in your current place of work!

For more information on the courses offered at our school, visit our school website at or contact us at 208-888-7764.