O-Shot & P-Shot. Needles in all the wrong places, but for all the RIGHT reasons.

O-Shot® & P-Shot®. Needles in all the wrong places, but for all the RIGHT reasons.

By now, many have heard the hustle and bustle of the “Vampire®” services and if you haven’t yet- listen up.

The O-Shot® and P-Shot® were designed by Dr. Charles Runels, MD (pictured below performing O-Shot® procedure) with the expected result of improving your sex life in more ways than one. And boy, can this stuff really deliver.

Let’s start by taking a closer look at the O-Shot®, because let’s face it, women should always come first…

The O-Shot® first came around in April of 2011 when Dr. Runels girlfriend made the odd request that he inject the PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) she had become so fond of into her vagina. You are probably thinking, “Why in the world?”, but let me assure you that she had good reason to believe that this could be a great idea.

PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma is essentially your bloods naturally occurring clotting factors and growth factors. These factors, specifically the growth factors, have the ability to destroy unhealthy or damaged tissue as well as create healthy new tissue to take its place. These growth factors are chemical messengers that turn a variety of cellular functions on or off. They can target and remove the collagen and elastin fibers that become damaged or weakened from external (sun exposure) and internal (genetic) aging factors. Once the damaged tissue has been destroyed and removed, fibroblast cells work to build stronger, healthier fibers to replace the tissue. This process achieves skin tightening, texture re-newel, a healthier skin barrier and can rejuvenate tissue (like in the v and p 😉).

So, when this lady decided to ask her man to inject her own PRP into her lady bits, she knew very well what she was asking for. And Dr. Runels agreed, it sounded like a brilliant plan. Thus, the O-Shot® was born.

Surprisingly, the O-Shot® is described by most as painless. Topical anesthetic is applied around the injection site to assist in dulling any unnecessary discomfort. A few quick pokes (after the initial blood draw), and you are good to go.

This procedure has shown the following clinical results:

-Increased Orgasms (Stronger and more frequent!)

-Increased Moisture in Tissues

-Incontinence Correction


-Strengthen Vaginal Canal Muscles

-Correct Muscular Atrophy


In office, your treatment time including the blood draw is only about 45 min- 1 hour. A fairly quick in and out. Here at NWLI, your treatment will be administered by a professionally trained RN. If your RN is male, an additional female staff member will be in the treatment room at all times to maintain client safety and comfort. Your results can show in as little as a few days.


The P-Shot®. This procedure plays off the same concepts as the O-Shot®, with a few minor adjustments- including an insanely nice penis pump. Essentially, a few quick pokes into the male member to add girth, length, correct erectile dysfunction and increase sexual libido.

Yes, it can add to the size. The website priapusshot.com claims you can have a, “Bigger & harder penis the day of treatment!”

Again, the visit is a quick 45 min-1 hour procedure with one of our highly trained RN’s and does include a blood draw to obtain your own natural PRP.

Dr. Runels has written an easy-to-read book covering “Activating the Female Orgasm System”, or the O-Shot® which presents a straight forward explanation as to why YOU NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE RIGHT NOW.

We carry this book in our office as well as Dr. Runels book on the Vampire Facelift®, so the next time you are in- grab your copy! We will let you take it home and read it for free (no worries, it is a short read and worth every minute).

Now there are some people that it works better for than others. My suggestion is always this, DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH! Check out these sites:



And try the light reading we offer in our office!

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